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Meet the SYNSENSO DC outreach team!

Introducing: SYNSENSO Outreach Support Team

As SYNSENSO, a European MSCA doctoral network, we are committed to communicating and disseminating our science, project results and outcomes. We created the outreach support team to bring our science closer to society. The outreach support team comprises four of our DCs that will share news about the project, results, and the day-to-day of being part of SYNSENSO.

Science communication and dissemination plays a critical role in our society: bridging the gap between the scientific community and the general public, enhancing the relevance and applicability of the sciences, promoting innovation, and helping to design effective policies This is why we created the outreach support team.

The team is comprised of four SYNSENSO DCs and supports WP5 – communication, dissemination and exploitation. As such, the outreach support team will help to connect SYNSENSO with society, researchers in the field, and other interested audiences.

Through the “DC diaries,” the team will tell us about the day-to-day of a scientist, the challenges they face, and the different strategies to solve them. Also, with the “SYNSENSO science series,” we will dive into the background of the different DC projects and the importance of Synthetic Biology, Cell-Free systems, and molecular sensor design.

The diverse backgrounds, expertise, and passion for the science of the members of the outreach team will shine through as they share their personal stories, experiences, and perspectives.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and connected as we collectively strive to bridge the gap between science and society. Together, let’s celebrate the fascinating world of scientific discovery and embrace its transformative potential for a brighter future.

Get to know the team by reading their messages below.

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