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Upcoming: SYNSENSO cell-free Introduction Days

SYNSENSO cell-free Introduction Days

From March 20-23, 2023 the SYNSENSO consortium will get together for the SYNSENSO cell-free Introduction Days hosted by TU Darmstadt. The four-day meeting will be held alongside the International Synthetic Biology Workshop, organised by The Centre for Synthetic Biology (TUDa). 

The meeting will be kicked-off by an introductory session hosted by SYNSENSO project coordinator Prof. Heinz Koeppl (TUDa), opening the floor to all onboarded SYNSENSO DCs to present their projects, facilitating the first in-person exchange on the SYNSENSO workplan and objectives. The afternoon will be dedicated to two thematic sessions on cell free synthetic biology and modelling genetic circuits. The following days, all DCs and PIs will participate in the International Synthetic Biology Workshop, including thematic talks by external speakers as well as poster sessions. During the last day of the meeting, DCs will be offered transferable skills sessions on time management and the SYNSENSO outreach activities. The management board will hold its first session and organise upcoming meetings and deliverables. 

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