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Angelina Yurchenko

Angelina Yurchenko

DC 4 - DNA nanostructure interfaces for cell-free synthetic circuits

About your project

My DC project is centered around DNA nanostructure interfaces for cell-free synthetic circuits. At DBS, I will work on immobilization of RNA toehold switches on DNA origami.

About you

In 2022 I obtained a MS degree with honors in Biotechnology at the National Technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. During my studies, I participated in 3 conferences with conference thesis publications. I also participated in BiotechCon whose 

aim was to develop strong relationships between young scientists. The focus of my research was paid to developing bioplastic materials (derived from bacteria/cyanobacteria and lignin) with the determination of the key parameters of the process with machine learning algorithms. After graduation, I worked as a senior engineer at MHP Eco Energy. The focus of my research was paid to developing innovative technology for biomethane production. My personal expectation in SYNSENSO is to implement my programming skills in the area of synthetic biology and build a strong network between synthetic biologists.

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