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Arsen Korpetayev

Arsen Korpetayev

DC 2 - Machine-learning based design and optimization of analyte-responsive ribozymes

About your project

My DC project is centered around machine-learning based design and optimization of analyte-responsive ribozymes. At IIT, I will focus on ribozym integration in circuit design, and at DBS on the characterization of effector binding.

About you

I have a mixed background of computational and laboratory experience. I obtained a BEng Biochemical Engineering at UCL from 2017-2020 and MSc Synthetic biology at Newcastle University from 2020-2021. Focused on applicability of a method or usefulness of an application. A few experience examples are gene regulatory element screening with FACS, NGS analysis and modelling of genetic circuits with differential equations. I completed a Principles of Synthetic Biology course in 2020 from MITx. I am looking forward to enriching collaborations within the SYNSENSO network.